Dance of Life - Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy

Director Jennifer Rezny's year-long documentary follows students at the Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy.

  • Dance of Life | Copyright: © ORF/FEUER & FLAMME FILM

    Dance of Life © ORF/FEUER & FLAMME FILM

For one year, director Jennifer Rezny accompanied students of the The Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy. The dancers are shown not only in their daily classes, but also in unique situations such as rehearsals for the Vienna Opera Ball. The film team is also present during exams and backstage at the annual performance show. The training regularly presents the students of the Ballet Academy with great challenges and demands time, energy and focus from them. Discipline and renunciation are a voluntary decision that does not automatically have to be associated with coercion or drill. Diligence, ambition, perseverance, quick thinking, musicality, self-control and accuracy - it takes a complex overall package to make it through training.

Duration 52 min.
Genre Documentary
TV Director Jennifer Rezny
Production Company A co-production by ORF/3sat and Feuer & Flamme funded by Austrian Television Fund and Vienna Film Fund
English title Dance of Life - The Vienna State Opera Ballet AcademyTanz
Original title Tanz des Lebens - Die Schüler*innen der Ballettakademie der Wiener Staatsoper



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