Let's reap the benefits of digitalisation for content trading

Author: IMZ International Music + Media Centre

We asked IMZ Secretary General Katharina Jeschke why Content.Agent is being developed now, how the industry + the network will benefit from it, and how she sees the application in the long-term.

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Over the recent months, even years, the global film + TV industry has seen major changes across the value chain and the distribution business of the sector has shifted. The increasing digitalisation of the entire music + media landscape has impacted how media content is available + distributed. In addition, this digital transformation also enables new ways of content trading in the b2b arena.

In last month’s newsletter, the IMZ International Music + Media Centre introduced its new digital search engine + b2b marketplace for the global film licence trade – Content.Agent.

IMZ International Music + Media Centre: Secretary General Katharina Jeschke, why is Content.Agent being developed right now?

Katharina Jeschke: Digitalisation has a strong impact on the entire value chain of the film + TV industry which we all feel in some way. Countless new possibilities, that will positively contribute to the future of our sector, are opening up. At the same time, distribution processes are rapidly changing, forcing every market participant to adapt to new realities. Lower budgets and increased online media consumption are becoming a constant for many players, big and small. As a network of traditional first-movers, we want to support the audiovisual industry to overcome the challenge of intense digitalisation now so that both IMZ Members and external players can adapt to the new realities. Content.Agent will allow the entire performing arts film industry to work more efficiently, cost-effectively and become more profitable than before. In a way, we as an international business network, are reaping the benefits of digitalisation. And it's high time to do so!

IMZ: Content.Agent is a product of the IMZ International Music + Media Centre. How will this benefit the film and TV industry?

Katharina Jeschke: As the largest global network for the cultural film + media industry, the IMZ is driven by the passion for music + art in media. We enable international coproduction, distribution, broadcasting and streaming music + dance films worldwide. Resulting from our non-profit mission, Content.Agent is developed, driven + rolled out based on providing the best value for the entire film industry. Since the founding of the IMZ exactly 60 years ago, it has been close to our hearts to make it possible that you really know the people with whom you do business and that you have a certain degree of trust. Digitalisation has impacted this importance even more. That is why the IMZ develops Content.Agent together with its more than 140 members and important market players, guaranteeing that the application is designed to provide a simple solution to realistic experiences.

IMZ: Content.Agent will be launched in autumn this year. What is your long-term goal with this application?

Katharina Jeschke: We want to ensure that all IMZ members can take full advantage of Content.Agent and its features. That is our mission at first. In the long-run, we will implement a coproduction and pitching platform integrated into Content.Agent that will allow users to pitch for financing and collaborative production. Content.Agent will become the main licence trading application for the audio-visual industry, and will enable all players, both IMZ Members and external companies, to positively face the challenges of digitalisation.



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