CONCERTO FOR DEBUSSY by M. Guilloux & L. Grunberg

Author: ARTE France

A film entirely dedicated to music and the too brief life of one of the most important composers of the turn of the 19th century and the early 20th.

  • Debussy à Houlgate  | Copyright: © ARTE France - Schuch Prod

    Debussy à Houlgate © ARTE France - Schuch Prod

A documentary, in which fragments of Debussy's most important pieces, but also, some of his lesser-known, early pieces, will be heard.
Which were his most obvious influences? What was his relationship with his peers? Was he for music what Flaubert was for literature or what Cezanne was for painting? A genuine revolutionary!

Musicians, composers, singers, from archives (Boulez, Messiaen, Bernstein among others) or live (Capuçon, Legrand, Portal, Barbara Hannigan among others) will speak of their own experience with the composer. His timeless modernity will be explored by short excerpts of his compositions. Short excerpts of his compositions will explore his timeless modernity.
His relationship with painters, poets, authors who have influenced his style and structured what is still called the impressionist movement. (Monet, Baudelaire, Théodore de Banville, Edgar Allan Poe, Maeterlinck, D’Annunzio).
His influence on contemporary music, including jazz or popular music, will be shown and underlined.

A focal point on his major piece: Pelleas & Mélisande with a few brief excerpts of recent productions, which may (or may not explain) the characters of this mysterious opera. A brief chapter (with excerpts) on its relationship with choreography (Prelude de l’après-midi d’un faune or Games) explained by Nicolas Leriche (Opéra de Paris star dancer).
His life, his character, his shyness, his (very few) friends, his numerous love affairs, his awkward relationship to money, his book Mr Croche along with his extensive correspondence will be used as links from chapter to chapter.



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