Classic Arts Showcase Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Author: Classic Arts Showcase

As North America’s most loved, most watched, and most important arts channel, Classic Arts Showcase is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

  • Classic Arts Showcase Celebrates 25th Anniversary | Copyright: © Classic Arts Showcase

    © Classic Arts Showcase

Classic Arts Showcase reaches 65 million American TV households, 24 hours a day, and countless more fans that watch the web site live feed of short videos on classical music, opera, dance, the fine arts, architecture, classic films, theatre arts, animation, and documentaries.
These MTV-style videos represent a cross section of the world’s artistic achievement.

Founded in 1994 by philanthropist Lloyd E. Rigler, and now headed up by Executive Producer Jamie Rigler, his nephew, Classic Arts Showcase remains as America’s only full-time arts network.

Owner of a transponder on the world’s most powerful broadband communications satellite, Galaxy 17, Classic Arts Showcase uploads a new 8-hour play list every week. Repeated in a 24 hour a day cycle, the on-air videos, and Internet delivered content linked to the source artists, music, theatre and dance companies, recording and film production companies, individuals in the arts, and to all arts lovers who submit content, deliver a unique experience for viewers.

As Jamie Rigler explains: “In an age where the arts are quickly disappearing from traditional broadcasting such as PBS, BBC, Arte, and other international networks, we feel it’s even more important now than ever to present our global culture in all it’s classical glory. We started with an audience of 5,000 which has now grown to 65 million viewers who have the capability to see our show on television, and those without TV can watch on our website and through our app.

Distribution TV via Galaxy 17 broadband communications satellite



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