CCI Thrive returns from the Ars Electronica Festival with rich impressions

Where to hold a workshop for the digitally innovative project CCI Thrive, if not at the Ars Electronica Festival?

  • CCEyes | Copyright: © CCI Thrive

    CCEyes © CCI Thrive

  • CCI Thrive meeting at Ars Electronica | Copyright: © Max Güntert

    CCI Thrive meeting at Ars Electronica © Max Güntert

As part of the Ars Electronica Festival, committing to the vision of driving the future of digital innovation, CCI Thrive has held its workshop in Linz this September. Showcasing drafts, interviewing industry experts, holding an open discussion to share insights and thoughts with the attendees and of course the internal workshop, CCI Thrive took another step towards usage.

By unveiling the CCEyes" Demonstrator Beta Series introduced the first version of their pioneering demonstrator, "CCEyes," which garnered valuable user feedback from the consortium. The discussions also revolved around the roadmap for CCEyes future development. For exploring use cases, a group discussion was held, with a special emphasis on how "Creators" and "Decision Makers" in the CCI sector can harness "CCEyes" potential. As a result, a Focus Group comprising external CCI representatives will be established to further test the demonstrator and gain additional insights.

On Friday 8 September, Katharina Jeschke together with Max Günthert, both from the IMZ, discussed CCI Thrive at the EU Media Desk Meeting with multiple EU Media Desk delegations in attendance.

We want to thank all the experts and contributors involved, also the Ars Electronica Festival which is always a source of innovative energy, to push forward this project of creating digital tools helping the cultural and creative industries.



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