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Let's officially welcome IMZ Member Legado & Alquimia Brasil (BOSSA NOVA NOITES®), the music multimedia production company founded by American Robert Hebert.

  • NEW IMZ MEMBER: BOSSA NOVA NOITES® | Copyright: © Legadi e Alquimia

    © Legadi e Alquimia

  • NEW IMZ MEMBER: BOSSA NOVA NOITES® | Copyright: © Legadi e Alquimia

    © Legadi e Alquimia

  • NEW IMZ MEMBER: BOSSA NOVA NOITES® | Copyright: © Legadi e Alquimia

    © Legadi e Alquimia

BOSSA NOVA NOITES® synergizes Brazilian and American music – producing both contemporary media and classic Brazilian music-themed cultural theatrical concerts.

BOSSA NOVA NOITES® is the only Brazilian TV concert and music cultural theatrical in the global market. Their success includes an unprecedented series of 10 events during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

BOSSA NOVA NOITES® media and live shows feature the collaboration of acclaimed classic and contemporary music performers. Notably, BOSSA NOVA NOITES® is closely aligned with the legacies of Brazilian music icons: Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes.

BOSSA NOVA NOITES® is now launching both a new Brazilian legacy music project, and the contemporary music careers of a multi-ethnic, diverse group of new Brazilian female singers – all supported by a 4 Volume Music set of 50 songs featuring great stars and its new stars.

The BOSSA NOVA NOITES® 2018 project (featured here on CNN International) produced by Robert Hebert and Larry Williams features Alexandra Jackson with the late Miles Davis, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Al Jarreau, Dona Ivone Lara, Oscar Castro-Neves, Rod Temperton and Arthur Maia, as well as Carlinhos Brown, Ivan Lins, Paulo Jobim & Daniel Jobim, Banda Black Rio, Hubert Laws, Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones), Siedah Garrett, The Bossa Nova Noites® Orquestra, and Larry Dunn & Al McKay (Earth, Wind & Fire).

The BOSSA NOVA NOITES® concert is available for global touring, OTA broadcast and streaming.



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