“Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka“ at Golden Prague

Author: Anna&Paul Film&TV AB

"Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka" was among the top 20 nominees at the prestigious Czech awards.

  • “Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka“ at Golden Prague | Copyright: © Bollywoodoperan

    © Bollywoodoperan

The Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka is based on Gioachino Rossinis comical opera L'Italiana in Algeri; instead of being set in Algeria’s capital, the story is here centered around the Bollywood culture, complete with an explosion of colors, dance and music.

This boundary breaking project has been made real by several local heroes, wanting to bring their community together. By co-funding "Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka", several cultural institutions and companies around Botkyrka in the eastern parts of Stockholm, the production came to life in a spectacular way.

To be able to put together an opera consisting of an ensemble with musicians from all the corners of the world, where amateurs and pros are contributing, requires true diversity. This diversity is both demanding and rewarding, and for Kicki Kjellin, director of the film "Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka", this was exactly the thing that made her want to document the process of the opera behind the scenes.

The project required a fare share of sweat, laughter, tears and a lot of courage from all the participants to be able to do both show and documentary film. "That is why I am so happy the film is showing at Golden Prague. The nomination is like a win for us, in itself", says Kicki Kjellin.

The Bollywood Opera in Botkyrka was among the Top 20 Nominees at the Golden Prague festival 2017.

Production Company Anna&Paul & Co
Director Kicki Kjellin
Distribution TV Sveriges Television, SVT



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