Beethoven - the Myth! His life in six sonatas

Author: Unitel

Already during his life time Beethoven was regarded as a myth, being the first modern artist in the sense of an autonomous spirit

  • Beethoven - the Myth! | Copyright: © Unitel

    Beethoven - the Myth! © Unitel

Beethoven was not dependent on any sovereign, only committed to his own work. But is it really true that he subordinated his entire life to his music? Was his deafness really an obstacle or rather the trigger to his outstanding talent? How did Beethoven become hero, myth and legend? This docuseries looks into his piano sonatas as the key to these and many more questions as the genre accompanied Beethoven from his beginnings and the sonatas give - like a “journal intime” - deep insight into his emotions and thinking. A 6x30’ documentary series with the Dutch biographer Jan Caeyers (“Beethoven”), Beethoven expert & pianist Rudolf Buchbinder and actor Uwe Bohm. A production of 3B for ZDF/3sat in coproduction with Unitel.

Original title Beethoven - the Myth! His life in six sonatas
Production year 2016
Genre Special
Producer 3B Productions
Co-Production Company ZDF/3sat
Co-Production Company Unitel GmbH & Co.KG



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