Beethoven Reloaded – Long version ready

Author: Accentus Music

After the 53’ version, Accentus Music has completed post-production on the long version of “Beethoven Reloaded”. Screener available.

  • Beethoven Reloaded | Copyright: © Accentus Music

    Beethoven Reloaded © Accentus Music

Ludwig van Beethoven is the only composer whose name is much more than just an epitome of European culture: it has become a synonym for classical music, similar to that of the Beatles for Pop or that of Picasso for Modern Art. Beethoven’s music is part of a world culture that knows no boundaries. We encounter it in the most diverse areas of everyday life. The spectrum ranges from simple recognition in jingles, mobile phone tones, commercials and the like to symbolic exaggeration in public political appeals, which for example refer to the humanistic message of the 9th Symphony or the love of nature in the 6th Symphony.

Who is behind this incredible wealth of musical expression, the fullness of which will not exhaust itselt over the next 500 years? What makes the myth of Beethoven and why does it still have an effect today, since Beethoven in particular made no concessions to popular “public taste” in his music?

“Beethoven reloaded” asks such questions and brings the inexhaustible potential of the composer to all people, from the interested layman to the musical specialist, with a fresh view, “reloaded”. The essential biographical facts, his political convictions, and the musical as well as contemporary historical context of Beethoven’s work form the central thread of a multi-faceted portrait created with imaginative cinematic means.

A film by Andy Sommer
Produced by Paul Smaczny
Length: 53', 85'

A production of Accentus Music in coproduction with MDR/Arte.
Screener available.

Production Company Accentus Music
Coproduction Company WDR/Arte
Executive Producer Paul Smaczny
Director Andy Sommer



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