Beethoven Reloaded

Author: Accentus Music

Accentus Music is producing the big Beethoven documentary celebrating the composer’s 250th birthday.

  • Andy Warhol: Beethoven | Copyright: © Andy Warhol

    Andy Warhol: Beethoven © Andy Warhol

  • Beethoven reloaded | Copyright: © various

    Beethoven reloaded © various

  • Beethoven reloaded | Copyright: © various

    Beethoven reloaded © various

Beethoven is the epitome of German musical culture. But what lies behind the name “Ludwig van,” which has long since become an international brand? The film "Beethoven reloaded" (WT) takes a fresh look at the eminent composer from a decidedly contemporary perspective vis-à-vis the backdrop of his biography and work. It seeks to answer the question of why this artist has advanced to become a global icon and what relevance and expressiveness his work still has today. Using modern cinematic techniques, the essential biographical facts form the leitmotif of a multi-faceted image of Beethoven in the here and now.

In his universalism, his musical-humanistic message, which is still unfulfilled today, and his enormous creative and innovative power, Beethoven is seen as a highly modern contemporary. The film aims to bring an icon of music history to life, to bring his inexhaustible potential closer to all people, from musical novices to specialists, with a fresh perspective. To entice us to a lively encounter with one of the greatest composers in the history of music, who still has a great deal to say to us today, we need this modern perspective using contemporary images.

"Beethoven reloaded" (WT) brings the composer close to the viewers in the essential aspects of his biography, his political-intellectual convictions, and his work as a brilliant contemporary. A dusty, historical portrayal of Beethoven's biography, staged as a monument to Viennese Classicism will be explicitly avoided.

Production Company Accentus Music GmbH
Co-Production Company WDR
Assoc. Prod. Company Arte
Director Andy Sommer
Executive Producer Paul Smaczny
Duration 90/60 minutes
English title Beethoven reloaded (WT)



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