An Evening with Hans van Manen

Author: Poorhouse International

Three pieces by Hans van Manen recorded at Montpellier Dance Festival 2017: Metaforen, Adagio Hammerklavier and Frank Bridge Variations.

  • Hans van Manen: Adagio Hammerklavier | Copyright: © La Belle Télé

    Hans van Manen: Adagio Hammerklavier © La Belle Télé

At this year´s Montpellier Dance Festival, La Belle Télé had a chance to record two outstanding evenings of dance and entrusted world-wide distribution to Poorhouse who are also handling other masterpieces by both choreographers, Hans van Manen and Angelin Preljocaj.

Hans van Manen celebrated his 85th birthday with three choreographies from his early, middle and late creative period: Metaforen from 1965 to music by Daniel-Jean-Yves Lesur´s Variations for Organ and Strings is one of the first dances featuring a male pas de deux. Adagio Hammerklavier from 1973 with Olga Khoziainova playing the third movement of Beethoven´s op. 106 on stage has over the years become a signature piece for the choreographer and presents three couples in various configurations. With the Frank Bridge Variations by Benjamin Britten van Manen chose a piece from 2005 which is playing with balance and counterpoint.

Running Times: Metaforen 19 Minutes, Adagio Hammerklavier 24 Minutes, Frank Bridge Variations 24 Minutes. There is also 30 Minutes of Interview material available

Recording location Montpellier Dance Festival 2017
Director Vincent Massip
Production Company La Belle Télé
Duration 75'
Video format HD



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