Amadeus, Amadeus - Sound of Winter Salzburg

'Amadeus, Amadeus - Sound of Winter Salzburg' follows Anna's journey through DomQuartier, uncovering Mozart's treasures, guided by world-class artists.

  • Amadeus, Amadeus - Sound of Winter Salzburg | Copyright: © 2023 SCARLATTI Arts international, ORF

    Amadeus, Amadeus - Sound of Winter Salzburg © 2023 SCARLATTI Arts international, ORF

  • Miriam Kutrowatz | Copyright: © 2023 Philipp Grausam | SCARLATTI Arts international, ORF

    Miriam Kutrowatz © 2023 Philipp Grausam | SCARLATTI Arts international, ORF

The movie
In 2024, the DomQuartier Salzburg celebrates its tenth anniversary. Reason enough to pay tribute to the historical significance of this unique location in the music film production.

In an 80-minute film with a fictional plot that creates a music-historical context for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his connection to this place, we accompany the protagonist Anna, played by Leopoldine Richards, through the DomQuartier Salzburg over four Advent Sundays. Here she not only discovers the composer's musical treasures, but also finds her personal path from darkness to light.

The cast
The film's musical journey is accompanied by renowned performers such as the young soprano Miriam Kutrowatz, member of the Vienna State Opera, the outstanding mezzo-soprano Olivia Vermeulen, the renowned tenor and Mozart specialist KS Michael Schade and the baritone Daniel Gutmann from the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich. Together with the Salzburg Bach Choir and the Ensemble Zefiro under the musical direction of Alfredo Bernadini they are heading towards Christmas.

Mozart's World of Sound
With "Amadeus, Amadeus - Sound of Winter Salzburg", a unique journey awaits you that highlights the historical significance of the DomQuartier Salzburg and at the same time pays tribute to the musical wealth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Let yourself be inspired by the inspiring message of this film, which reminds us that music and Christmas both have the power to bring light and hope into our hearts.

Genre Classical Music
Recording location Salzburg
Soloist Miriam Kutrowatz
Soloist Olivia Vermeulen
Soloist Michael Schade
Soloist Daniel Gutmann
Choir Bachchor Salzburg
Duration 80 min
Video format HD + UHD
Audio format Stereo + Doby 5.1
Co-Production Company SCARLATTI Arts international
Co-Production Company 3sat
Co-Production Company ORF
Production year 2023
Distribution TV ORF Enterprise



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