Cinedans – Dance on Screen

Cinedans is an international platform for dance film based in The Netherlands.

Main activity of Cinedans is the annual festival. Backbone of the festival is the selection of the international dance shorts with the Cinedans Dioraphte Awards: € 7.500 for the first prize and € 2.500 for the second prize. This year Cinedans introduced the Student Award, supported by Canon.
Cinedans sees the ideal dance film as a true synthesis between the two media of dance and cinematography. The festival also features a selection of special documentaries and retrospectives and closely follows new movements in the field. Therefore, Cinedans presents various forms of crossover projects and media installations that involve movement. In addition to the film programme, Cinedans festival organises readings, debates and workshops.
In Cinedans LAB all education and talent development activities are united. Cinedans LAB aims to increase knowledge and expertise in the making of dance films guiding artistic and production processes and organizing workshops and masterclasses.
With Cinedans on Tour, Cinedans travels all over the world to screen dance film programmes.

The upcoming 13th edition of the Cinedans Festival takes place from 16 – 20 March in EYE Amsterdam.