Let's focus on Audience Development!

We all share the same goal in reaching out to new audiences + developing strategies on how to build strong relationships with our (future) patrons. 

Audience development is crucial as it shapes the future of our industry. Strategies can include

  •     Reaching out to Children and Youth

  •     Supporting educational systems  

  •     Lowering language barriers

  •     Overcoming geographical impediments

  •     and many more

Here, you will learn all about the latest initiatives + collaborations by IMZ Members that support the building of (new) audiences in order to strengthen the performing arts and cultural sector. This page will be updated regularly to provide you with the latest news!

The IMZ Music Film Festival Summer

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

The IMZ is happy to reach established + engage new audiences for music + dance films this summer!

Beethoven - The European Tour

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Taking audiences on a European tour: ARTE celebrates Ludwig van Beethoven and his 9 symphonies with musical fireworks.

Make your Audience Development engagement visible!

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Spread the word on how you reach out to new patrons! We'll continue featuring your initiatives in the upcoming newsletters!

Music Traveler TV – The fair streaming platform

Music Traveler Productions

Music Traveler announces the release of their streaming platform Music Traveler TV, where artists can stream & monetize quality content.

Opernstoff – The young podcast of the Vienna State Opera

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

In the new podcast "OpernStoff", teenagers and young adults take their listeners behind the scenes of the Vienna State Opera.

“I used to be a cheerleader. Now I am a blacksmith”

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

The story of a digital path to new audiences: How did the DR Koncerthuset’s YouTube Channel become a viral success globally?


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