Screen Dance Academy #3 MASTERCLASS

Author: Tanzrauschen

How do we tell stories today? Join the masterclass on Transmedia Storytelling. From virtual reality, augmented reality to metaverse and immersive techniques.

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Our lives are shaped by stories. They are omnipresent and part of our human existence. They give us meaning, create uncertainty, maintain power or enable change. They are expressions of dreams, intimate needs or means of manipulation. But how can we tell stories today that are an expression of a complex, multi-layered and digitally delimited world? What are the dramaturgies of the hybrid? And what is the narrative?

As part of the third TANZRAUSCHEN SCREEN DANCE ACADEMY Transmedia Storytelling from 9-13 August 2023 in Wuppertal, Germany, we invite you - together with internationally renowned speakers from Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and Germany - to present new technologies and strategies of a explore cross-media storytelling.

How to tell a story in different mediums from performance, film, VR, augmented reality to metaverse? To what extent can the specificity of each individual medium be used to advance the development of a story? And what are the prerequisites for hybrid storytelling?

Our four-day master class is about presenting new technologies and media features in relation to the aspect of developing a story and telling a story using case studies.

The aim is to get to know a transdisciplinary way of working and new technologies in order to develop questions about innovative forms of storytelling in hybrid spaces of experience. At the end there is a one-to-one pitching of your own idea, a process or format, which experts present to an interested audience in a real laboratory.

This is framed by an extensive OPEN PROGRAMME accessible to everyone with exhibitions, keynotes and talks, a Thinking LAB with breakfast, a film program, music, campfire, dance and lots of fun. Our third SCREEN DANCE ACADEMY is the prelude to the celebrations for "10 years of TANZRAUSCHEN", to which we cordially invite you.

Come and celebrate with us!
A new story has already begun.



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