Pierre Boulez – A Life for Music

Author: Arthaus Musik

A very personal portrait about one of the most radical composers of our time including his signature piece Le Sacre du Printemps.

  • Pierre Boulez ‘A Life for Music’ | Copyright: © Arthaus Musik

    Pierre Boulez ‘A Life for Music’ © Arthaus Musik

Documentary "Pierre Boulez - A Life for Music":

Filmmaker Reiner Moritz has been working with Pierre Boulez since 1973. When the composer, conductor and essayist passed away in 2016, Moritz decided to call on his friends and colleagues to make available archive footage in order to produce an in-depth profile. He was much helped by Boulez´s younger brother, Roger, who shed some light on the childhood and youth of Pierre Boulez and provided photographs from the Boulez-Chevalier archives. Daniel Barenboim, a life-long friend, underlines his importance for the musical life of our time and shares wonderful anecdotes with us. Boulez, the conductor, is featured with key works of his vast repertoire including Berg, Bruckner, Mahler, Mozart and Stravinsky.

"Concert Le Sacre du Printemps & Symphonies of Wind Instruments":

The rhythmic complexities of the Sacre are notorious but, in the hands of a master of modern music and one of the world’s top orchestras, the London Symphony Orchestra, the elemental barbarism of the music is thrilling. This concert was recorded live at the Alte Oper Frankfurt, in a performance specially staged for the cameras. The programme includes a short interview with the conductor about this landmark work as well as a performance of Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments, another most interesting work of the composer.

Cat. No.: 109350

Genre Documentary & Concert
Recording location Concert: Live from the Alte Oper Frankfurt
Production year 2017 & 1993
Duration 98 mins (Documentary) & 58 mins (Concert)
Video format 1x DVD 9 & 1x DVD 5 / NTSC
Audio format PCM Stereo
Production Company RM Creative
Director Reiner Moritz


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