Beethoven as a Musician

Beethoven’s self-awareness made him a modern individualist. He was radical in his tireless quest for artistic renewal, a man who shunned compromises.

  • Key Visual: Beethoven as a Musician | Copyright: © Sonja Werner

    Key Visual: Beethoven as a Musician © Sonja Werner

Beethoven’s era was an age of social and cultural upheaval, which also left a mark on his artistic self-image. Although he came from a family of court musicians and sought a court appointment to the end of his days, he lived in Vienna as a freelance artist, with all the attendant benefits and drawbacks. And although musicians before him had been called ‘geniuses’ – especially Beethoven’s assiduous and successful teacher Joseph Haydn – the notion of originality took on an entirely new quality in Beethoven’s case.

Many of Beethoven‘s works are pivotal creations of music history. They also form the heart of the Jubilee programme, as does his impact on generations of composers and performers to the present day. This will be manifest in a large number of world premières.

Central projects of the BTHVN2020 main theme 'Beethoven as a Musician‘ are two Beethoven festivals in 2020 - one in March and another in September, newly commissioned works and world premières as well as jazz, rock, pop and club music with ties to Beethoven.



Beethoven as a Bonn Citizen

Beethoven Jubiläums Gesellschaft

BTHVN2020 is a worldwide event. But nowhere will people be as close to Beethoven as in Bonn, where an entire region will gather around its famous son.

Beethoven as Nature lover

Beethoven Jubiläums Gesellschaft

Beethoven loved nature in the Romantic sense of the term. It was there that he found relaxation, solitude and inspiration.


Time Warp is a legendary Techno festival celebrating rave culture since the early 90s.

Glyndebourne Festival 2018 opens 19 May

Glyndebourne Productions Limited

Glyndebourne Festival 2018 opens on 19 May with the Festival debut of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, directed by Annilese Miskimmon.


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