Film competition at ITF Golden Prague: Congratulations to IMZ Members!

The IMZ congratulates the winners of the International Television Festival Golden Prague - giving a special mention to IMZ Members!

  • ZLATÁ PRAHA 2016 | Copyright: © KUCERA


Hosted by Czech Television in Prague, the Festival took place from 28 September to 1 October 2016. In the prestigious film competition an international Jury awarded outstanding productions - among them IMZ Members Accentus, ZDF, Sounding Images, Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images, ZDF-3 Sat and Unitel!

Grand Prix Golden Prague
Ayham Ahmad: The Pianist of Yarmouk (no.65), Accentus Music GmbH, co-producer ZDF
Demonstrates the power of music to sustain an individual through horrific suffering. Reveals with elegance and subtlety, the use of music to make peaceful protest and to inspire others who are going through intolerable suffering. The film creates a sense of hope and optimism despite the tragic circumstances that are presented, because of a young man’s undying spirit, his love of music and his use of music to communicate a crucial message to the world.

Czech Crystal Award - Documentary
Miracle of Gozo (no. 22), Sounding Images GmbH
A masterpiece of structure and story telling, this film shows music as the engine of social life in a small community. For treating its subject with respect, affection and humour – showing the discipline, the hard work and the unbridled joy of friendly competition that holds an entire community together.

Czech Crystal Award - Performing Arts
Symmetry (no.25),, co-producers CTM Pictures, NTR (NL broadcaster)
For its originality and inventiveness in showing that physics and creativity come from the same place. For its consistently poetic atmosphere that holds science, opera, dance and drama together in one seamless progression. For bringing art and science back together as they were centuries ago.

Special Mention Awards
Seiji Ozawa The living spirit of music (no.43), Camera Lucida Productions, co-producers Camera Lucida a La Fondation Louis Vuitton.
For a program that transcends its genre and allows us to feel the true spirit of a great Maestro - the openness, generosity and love of music that he offers to his colleagues and students, changing their lives forever. For the elegance and simplicity with which this profound message is communicated.

Czech Television Award
Leonard Bernstein. Larger than life (no.5), Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images, co-producers ZDF-3sat and Unitel.

Dagmar and Václav Havel's Vize 97 Foundation Award
Survival artists (no.12), Sounding Images GmbH





Vincenzo Bellini’s Norma at the Royal Opera House

Paradise and the Peri


Daniel Harding conducts “Paradise and the Peri” by Schumann with Orchestre de Paris, Matthias Goerne, Christiane Karg, Andy Staples et al.


EuroArts Music International

Seiji Ozawa himself appeared on stage this year at the Seiji Ozawa Festival conducting Beethoven's 7th Symphony.

Lang Lang - New York Rhapsody

C Major Entertainment

Lang Lang‘s “New York Rhapsody” is a love letter to the city he considers his adoptive home, set to the music that helped make this city so famous...


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