Sound-Treck Europe: Greece

0000: After the pilot episode “Sound-Treck Austria” we continue our ‘sound-treck’ through Europe in Greece.

  • SHANTEL and Marina Satti | Copyright: © Alexander Schimpke

    SHANTEL and Marina Satti © Alexander Schimpke

  • George Xylouris & the Xylouris Family | Copyright: © Alexander Schimpke

    George Xylouris & the Xylouris Family © Alexander Schimpke

  • Areti Ketime and Thomas Konstantinou | Copyright: © Alexander Schimpke

    Areti Ketime and Thomas Konstantinou © Alexander Schimpke

Alongside SHANTEL and his colleagues from Greece, we travel through the beauty of Greece and witness how music can turn society’s outsiders into stars, how centuries-old traditions give protest songs new vitality, and how young musicians are rewriting the songs of their ancestors into the sound of a new generation. Beyond dusty clichés and artificial folklore, this modern music/travel format sets out to provide a close-up experience of its message: Folk music is local world music and the perfect “Sound-Treck” for Europe.

Original series title Sound-Treck Europe
Original title Sound-Treck Europe: Greece
Genre Documentary
Recording location Greece
Production year 2021
Duration 52 mins
Production Company EuroArts Music International GmbH
Co-Production Company Arte, WDR
TV Director Alexander Schimpke
Distribution TV EuroArts Music International GmbH
Musical style Folk Music, World Music
Orchestra / Band George Xylouris & the Xylouris Family, Marina Satti, Areti Ketime, Thomas Konstantinou, Rebetien, George Dalaras, Sma Rag Da, Sokratis Sinopoulos & Students
Main Actor SHANTEL (host)


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