Sons of Vienna

Author: Auditorium Films

The untold story of the capital of classical music, home of the greatest composers in history.

  • Sons of vienna | Copyright: © Auditorium Films

    Sons of vienna © Auditorium Films

From the late 18th century to the early 20th century Vienna was never without a world famous composer living and working within her friendly confines. It was here that composers from Haydn and Mozart to Beethoven and Brahms wrote the timeless melodies that became the foundation of classical music. Past masters, seven in all, are roused by charismatic young artists who play their music and tell their stories. Vienna’s Golden Age is brought to life not with black ties and tails but with vibrant tales of a different sort.

Genre Documentary
Production year 2018
Duration 44' or 52' or 6x22'
Director Ron Shay
Musical style Classical Music



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