One month left to enter the Golden Prague Festival

Author: Czech Television

The deadline for entering the 58th annual Golden Prague Festival competition is June 30, 2021. Don’t wait until the last minute, enter today!

  • Golden Prague Festival 2021 | Copyright: © Czech Television

    Golden Prague Festival 2021 © Czech Television

The deadline for entering the 58th annual Golden Prague Festival competition is June 30, 2021. So now is time to get your entries submitted for one of the oldest television festivals in Europe. In the past twenty years the Golden Prague has taken on an irreplaceable role as the only major festival of music, dance and theatre programmes.

Today Golden Prague is a four-day cultural event that showcases a wide range of TV programmes focusing on music, dance and theatre as well as both Czech and international films, presenting them through competitions, screenings, video libraries and industry meetings. Regularly staged by Czech Television in the beautiful environment of old Prague, in recent years it has been held at the New Stage of the National Theatre.

There are three categories of competition programmes, which are selected primarily on the basis of artistic quality:

1) Documentary programmes dedicated to music, dance and theatre
2) Recordings of stage work (recordings of operas, operettas, musicals, dance, ballets, theatre performances etc.)
3) Recordings of concert performance (symphonic/orchestral performances, chamber music, recitals etc.)

The winners in each category receive a Czech Crystal award. The jury, which is drawn from international experts and changes every year, also hands out special awards for outstanding artistic achievement and, of course, the grand prize – the Grand Prix Golden Prague.

Don’t wait until the last minute, enter today!



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