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Author: Only Hands Small

  • Looking for Pianoman | Copyright: © Mike Lee

    Looking for Pianoman © Mike Lee

  • Feast of Duos | Copyright: © Olivier Vocat

    Feast of Duos © Olivier Vocat

  • Feast of Duos | Copyright: © Olivier Vocat

    Feast of Duos © Olivier Vocat

  • Feast of Duos | Copyright: © Olivier Vocat

    Feast of Duos © Olivier Vocat

  • Feast of Duos | Copyright: © Olivier Vocat

    Feast of Duos © Olivier Vocat

He is a violonist, composer, conductor, actor, filmmaker, producer and entrepreneur. All together makes him the founder and creative head behind, Music Traveler Productions. Aleksey Igudesman’s joined forces focus on producing movies and TV series with and about musicians:

Music Traveler Productions aims to portray musicians and their lives in a new and fresh way, often but not exclusively using humour as an artistic tool. Musicians play themselves in an exaggerated, yet authentic manner and bring the world of music closer to the general public. They are often joined by celebrities of the music and acting worlds in jovial, artistically valuable interplay.

The IMZ welcomes Music Traveler Productions as a new Member. Who are they, what exactly do they do and why should you get in touch?

Aleksey, what made you target musicians to be the protagonists of your movies?
Aleskey Igudesman: A musician, instrumentalist, conductor, singer or dancer is so particular in his movements on the instrument and his or her behavior on and off stage that it is very hard for an actor to emulate, short of actually becoming a musician or dancer. Part of my goal was and is to show that all these incredible musicians and performers have a great humility and a wonderful sense of humor and on top of that, also have acting talent. Musicians can and should play the roles of musicians in movies. And my dream, which I very much plan to make reality, is to make fictional movies about musicians, where the main roles are played by great musicians themselves. That is one of the aims of Music Traveler Productions.

What motivated you to become an IMZ Member?
AI: We love the concept of bringing people together to “play” and “perform” for each other, which is what IMZ is about. As the world population grows, our world seems to get smaller. Artistic and business exchange is now possible across the globe more than it ever was. It is a concept we truly believe in and is something we stand firmly behind.

What IMZ Member benefits do you enjoy most?
AI: We will definitely join Avant Première Music + Media Market Berlin 2017 to pitch two new, exciting projects of ours to hopefully be picked up by various networks and coproduced by other production companies: We are trying to get the funding together for Looking For Piano Man, a music mockumentary road movie involving Igudesman & Joo, Billy Joel and a frenetic hunt for pianos, fame and fortune; and for the post-production of Feast Of Duos, a mockumentary style TV casting show, where great musical duos compete in new, highly creative and often humorous ways to be the winner. If the networks pick up these two projects, we will be very happy and hope they make the world a little happier too!

What is your main strategy to get your productions to the customer? Have you been using IMZ Member contacts for distribution?
AI: We plan to strategically target our customers and inform them two weeks prior to the Avant Première 2017. There are TV stations, production companies and distributors which we have worked with before and hope to continue working with. In addition, there are many others within the IMZ network whom we would love to connect with and collaborate. Hopefully we will find interest from several of them and then plan personal meetings in the days around our presentation on the 13thFebruary 2017 at 11:20 am at Avant Première in Berlin. Download the Avant Première Screening Schedule 2017 here!

What in your eyes will be the future of music in the media?
AI: Music is as strong and powerful in the media as it ever was. It accompanies political campaigns and helps them to succeed, it is an essential part of advertising, it enriches the news, it drives every film and TV series, enrichening and often improving them to a higher degree. These days, composers of movies are becoming true stars, much like Hans Zimmer, someone who I have been working with for over 15 years and also touring with in front of live audiences of over 10,000 people. It is long overdue to feature the musicians and composers and give them the media attention they deserve.

Where will audiences consume music in the future?
How do content providers need to adapt to these changes?

AI: Audiences consume on demand more and more, yet live performances are still the big sellers and may always be. CDs, DVDs are sold live more than anywhere else. Yet, TV and the media gives the music and the musicians the wide audience that they deserve and drives them to the performances. A close working relationship with the media is in everyone’s interest. The musicians have to support the media, and vice versa.

As budgets for productions get smaller and content is produced by more and more people in their backyard on a laptop, these days musicians make their money more often on the road, except for a select few. Therefore, featuring the musicians in the media is as important as ever if we want their great creativity to go on enriching our lives.

Thank you!

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