Mellizo Doble by Israel Galvan & Niño de Elche

Author: Auditorium Films

0000: A film whose image will magnify this moment of pure flamenco.

  • Mellizo Doble | Copyright: © Elzevir Films

    Mellizo Doble © Elzevir Films

"Mellizo Doble" offers its two protagonists the most convincing freedom. What Anglo-Saxons call, in French, a "folie à deux". Two sacred artists. Their project is to touch the essence of flamenco, its music, its movement, to go to the heart of this intimate, free and singular art for a new beginning. It is about breaking with the imagination, to propose a flamenco "from the origins". As as soon as we try to translate a tradition it is betrayed, we have to find support in a canonical research to reconstruct it in a brand new perspective, breaking with the institution of flamenco.



Nomination for Deutscher Dokumentarfilm-Musikpreis

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The Accentus Music film "Mary Bauermeister - One and one is three" by Carmen Belaschk is nominated for Simon Stockhausen's original film music.

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