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What content and format are broadcasters looking for? This is just one of the many questions answered in the dancescreen 2019 Pitching Session!

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    dancescreen Pithing Session © IMZ

dancescreen is there to support dance films - completed or not!
Do you have an outstanding idea on a dance film or have you already started and need funding, coproducers or just expert's advice? Would you like to know what's the content and format broadcasters are looking for?

Then the dancescreen 2019 Pitching Session is your chance!
Take this opportunity to present your project in person to major decision makers of the dance film and broadcasting industry and get your questions answered! This Pitching opportunitiy is designed for aspiring and established filmmakers and production companies to receive valuable feedback and practical advice on planned film projects or those in progress. Test and develop your skills and get first or second impressions of the business aspects of the dance film market.

Apply from September 2019!



200+ Films in the dancescreen Competition

IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Submission accomplished: We thank all participants of the dancescreen 2019 dance film competition for submitting their films!

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