Gidon Kremer – Discovering one’s inner voice

Author: Accentus Music

The film “Gidon Kremer – Discovering one’s inner voice” by Paul Smaczny is completed and ready for delivery.

  • Gidon Kremer | Copyright: © Accentus Music_Sergey Shoulga

    Gidon Kremer © Accentus Music_Sergey Shoulga

  • Gidon Kremer in Moscow | Copyright: © Accentus Music_Sergey Shoulga

    Gidon Kremer in Moscow © Accentus Music_Sergey Shoulga

  • Gidon Kremer in Paris with daughter Angie | Copyright: © Accentus Music_Paul Smaczny

    Gidon Kremer in Paris with daughter Angie © Accentus Music_Paul Smaczny

"Nowadays, every young artist thinks that as long as he is in demand, he must play every day, offer something different every day. But it is a waste of talent. Because true interpretations need time to mature. You no longer take the time to reflect on while developing a piece of music. One doesn't take the time to think: what am I doing here, what am I here for? Am I just here to indulge myself? Or for the enjoyment of the audience? Why am I doing this job anyway? My advice is to be true to oneself and to one's own dreams."
--Gidon Kremer

He is a violinist of the century and a stranger to entertainment. He is an exception in an industry that is aimed at market value, marketing and mass appeal: Gidon Kremer is one of the most exciting artist personalities of our time. On the occasion of his 70th birthday, a quiet and thoughtful portrait of the great violinist and intellectual has emerged.

"Gidon Kremer - Discovering one's inner voice" focuses on Kremer’s current work with the Kremerata Baltica and takes a look back at the steps of an unprecedented artistic career. It is an examination of an artist whose life is inextricably linked to the music history of the second half of the 20th century and the early 21st century – the portrait of a musician who, as a great universal artist personality, continues to influence music life and musical discourse to this day. It is a film about a great intellectual who understands himself as a mediator of values, whose ethos is alien to all forms of narcissism and the pursuit of profit.

Director Paul Smaczny
Production Company Accentus Music
Co-Production Company ZDF/Arte
Duration One-hour documentary



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