Exciting News: The Venice Production Bridge Opens its doors and celebrates 80!

Author: IMZ International Music + Media Centre

Unveiling the Venice Production Bridge: A Global Hub for Film Industry Professionals!

  • Exciting News: The Venice Production Bridge Opens its doors and celebrates 80! | Copyright: © Venice Production Bridge

    © Venice Production Bridge

31.8. – 5.9. 2023 Venice, Italy

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of the Venice Production Bridge, a groundbreaking platform for the global film industry. This prestigious event will take place during the 80th Venice International Film Festival, promising a new era of collaboration and opportunities for filmmakers, producers, distributors, and professionals from all corners of the world.

The Venice Production Bridge aims to connect film professionals and foster international partnerships, showcasing a wide range of projects and facilitating coproduction deals. This unique networking hub provides an unmissable opportunity for filmmakers to meet potential investors, distributors, and co-producers, turning their creative visions into reality.

Attending the Venice Production Bridge will open doors to exclusive screenings, talks, workshops, and presentations by top industry experts. It is the perfect setting for participants to showcase their work, gain invaluable feedback, and establish crucial connections.



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