Callas vs. Tebaldi 27 September on Arte

Author: 3B-Produktion

27 SEPT 2020: Rivalry in Music – Callas vs. Tebaldi!

  • Callas vs Tebaldi | Copyright: © 3B-Produktion – Büro für bewegtes Bild

    Callas vs Tebaldi © 3B-Produktion – Büro für bewegtes Bild

  • Callas vs Tebaldi | Copyright: © 3B-Produktion – Büro für bewegtes Bild

    Callas vs Tebaldi © 3B-Produktion – Büro für bewegtes Bild

  • Teatro alla Scala | Copyright: © 3B-Produktion – Büro für bewegtes Bild

    Teatro alla Scala © 3B-Produktion – Büro für bewegtes Bild

Maria Callas + Renata Tebaldi were the two most celebrated artists of the second half of the last century. Made into hostile enemies by their admirers, the two became untouchable goddesses of the opera.

To their fans, Callas was known as “the tigress”, Tebaldi as “the voice of an angel”: the two singers could have hardly been more different, be it in their professional or private lives.

To this day, Callas remains unforgotten as maybe the greatest singer of all times. Her rival, Tebaldi, on the other hand is especially known to avid fans of the opera.

How is it possible that the posthumous fame of two such wildly revered prima donnas developed in such different ways? How serious was the rivalry of the two divas in reality, and how much has the rivalry – and in the end also the scandals of Maria Callas – affected her fame as well as Renata Tebaldi’s oblivion?

We have travelled to the opera houses in New York + Milan to search for clues, have spoken with companions, friends and opera experts, and – of course – have listened to the two unparalleled voices. The result is a fascinating journey through the world of opera and song.

Broadcasting on 27 September on Arte.

Original title Die Großen Musikrivalen: Callas vs Tebaldi
English title Rivalry in Music – Callas vs Tebaldi
Genre Documentary
Duration 43 Minutes
Production year 2020
Production Company 3B-Produktion
Co-Production Company ZDF/Arte
Director Andreas Morell
Director of Photography Chris Valentien
Editor Nina Mühlenkamp
Sound Engineer Robert Sandow, Waldemar Bruch
Producer Lucie Tamborini
Co-Producer Dietmar Klumm
Executive Producer Maria Willer, Bernhard von Hülsen



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