Bach 2 Future 2023 – conference on classical music

Author: Papageno

Leading experts will discuss exciting new developments in classical music at an international conference hosted by Papageno on 6-7 June in Budapest.

  • Bach 2 Future 2023 | Copyright: © Papageno

    Bach 2 Future 2023 © Papageno

  • Bach 2 Future 2019 | Copyright: © Papageno / Gábor Valuska

    Bach 2 Future 2019 © Papageno / Gábor Valuska

  • Bach 2 Future 2022 | Copyright: © Papageno / János Posztós

    Bach 2 Future 2022 © Papageno / János Posztós

The two-day prestigious professional meeting, Bach 2 Future 2023 — DisPLAY Classical hosted by Papageno and the Hungarian Music Council will take place on 6-7 June in the Auditorium of Müpa Budapest.

In partnership with IMZ, JMI, ICMA and Creative Europe Desk Hungary, the conference will be centered around the new developments of audiovisual contents, the refreshing ideas of young professionals, the future of online blogs, print magazines & radio stations, and the importance of the European cultural networks.

Being held for the 5th time this year, the Bach 2 Future conference aims to connect and inform institutions and related professionals about the upcoming trends in the classical music field, to keep up with all the rapid changes of the digital era and to learn about and be inspired by new methods and best practices from all around the world.

Last year’s successful conference included presentations from Steinway, Symphony, IDAGIO, ARTE and IMZ and brought together festivals, symphony orchestras, and conservatories from the Danube Region to present their work and exchange experiences in round-table discussions. Check out our speakers’ thoughts:

After Bach 2 Future the European Forum on Music 2023 will take place in Budapest on 8-10 June 2023.



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