Resonating Success: Retrospective of the European Forum on Music + Bach 2 Future

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The European Forum on Music + Bach 2 Future enabled by the IMZ come to an end …attendees remain inspired.

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6-7 June 2023 Bach 2 Future
8-10 June 2023 European Forum on Music
House of Music Hungary & Müpa, Budapest

The 11th edition of the European Forum on Music and the 3rd Bach 2 Future just came to an end. With their accomplished partner Papageno curating the symposium, over 170 representatives from over 20 European countries came together in Budapest. For five days they shared visions of growing classical music and a more inclusive musical ecosystem.

Etched in the theme of the Forum 'Sustain Music', the European Forum on Music focused on bringing ideas of social justice, economic and ecologic sustainability to its listeners. Bach 2 Future shined with tackling technical challenges delivering inspiring solutions and letting the best ideas compete for the JMI enCORE Accelerando prizes.

The forum kicked off with a thought-provoking keynote by Matt Brennan (University of Glasgow), who introduced the concept of the 'Musical Doughnut' as a sustainable system for musical life. Painting a future of harmony that exists between social needs and the ecologic boundaries, that nature has set up for us.

Various panels on Bach 2 Future impressed with forward-thinking approaches. Notably one created in partnership with the IMZ about “Conquering the Screens” in the rapidly expanding digital space. Or one about the “New tools for timeless music” with Frank Schulleri and Max Beckham-Ortner.

In addition to the insightful discussions, the forum also celebrated diversity through a musical programme curated by Papageno, featuring artists from the MOST Music project, the Komak Ensemble, Ferenc Ségercz, Mohamad Zatari and Lehel Vitályos and the World Youth Choir.

With the end of the EFM + Bach 2 Future 2023 another milestone in the collective consciousness of participants has been laid, leaving a lasting impact on the music sector. With their emphasis on sustainability, insightful panels laid the groundwork for healthy development and inspired attendees to continue working towards a vibrant and sustainable future for music.

Looking ahead, the 12th edition of the EFM will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2024, hosted by the Bulgarian Music Association.



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