Franco Zeffirelli - Directing from Life

A portrait of Franco Zeffirelli directed by Chris Hunt.

Last February Franco Zeffirelli celebrated his 94th birthday and Stanza Media got an invitation to film the event. Poorhouse International is proud to announce the worldwide distribution of a documentary directed by Chris Hunt. This biography will explore how Zeffirelli´s sense of drama was born out of his own experience and how his life inspired his productions.

Zeffirelli is undoubtedly the greatest living director of opera and has also some of the most dramatic movies to his credit: Romeo & Juliet, Jesus of Nazareth, Hamlet and Brother Sun, Sister Moon. They showcase the intensity of his feeling for Shakespeare and religion, while Callas Forever and Tea with Mussolini are biopics of his friends and himself. Interviews with people who worked with him and many clips from operas and movies will round off this first in-depth profile shot in 4, which will be ready by autumn.

Video format 4K


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