DVD + Blu-Ray: Franz Schubert WINTERREISE

Franz Schubert Winterreise visualized by William Kentridge.

Franz Schubert´s “Winterreise” engages with its audience in a new and unexpected form: in a creative encounter with Schubert’s masterpiece. Matthias Goerne, ”the voice of perfection” (Le Figaro), pianist Markus Hinterhäuser and South African director, set designer and theatre artist William Kentridge joined forces on stage and traced newly imagined, deeply moving images. In short animated films, Kentridge visualises Goerne’s and Hinterhäuser’s sonic contribution. A memorable meeting “of melancholy and magic.” (La Marseillaise). “Mr. Kentridge’s 24 stop-action films – made up of animated ink drawings and collages – offer a visually mesmerizing and thought-provoking commentary on Schubert’s song cycle.” (New York Times). “There is an unusual robustness to Matthias Goerne´s wanderer, infused by the virile beauty of his powerful baritone.” (New York Times)

BONUS: Documentary: A Trio for Schubert incl. interviews with W. Kentridge, M. Goerne
and M. Hinterhäuser

English title Franz Schubert WINTERREISE visualized by William Kentridge
Recording location Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, France
Duration 138 Minutes (Concert 85’ + Documentary 53’)
Soloist Matthias Goerne (baritone); Markus Hinterhäuser (piano)
Director Christian Leblé
Production Company Idéale Audience in co-production with the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Mezzo and UNITEL CLASSICA in cooperation with Arte France and MUSEEC/medici.tv with the participation of CNC


C Major Entertainment