Accentus Music receives prestigious ARD award

The award honors the documentary “Satiesfictions” for its quality and achievements.

On February 2, 2017, for the first time, the German broadcaster ARD presented awards to producers who, as part of the ARD performance model, are honored for “particularly successful and innovative quality productions.” For their music documentary “Satiesfictions – Promenades with Erik Satie”, directed by Anne-Kathrin Peitz and Youlian Tabakov, Accentus Music received a development award in the “Documentary” section for a new production. “Satiesfictions”, co-produced with the WDR (West German Broadcasting) and in partnership with Arte, was supported by the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (Central German Media Fund).

Satiesfictions – Promenades with Erik Satie
Always armed with a melon, umbrella and wisecracks, he is not only on the outside the strangest fellow in French music history: Erik Satie was a composer, designer, church founder, PR pioneer and master of aperçus. In playful episodes the documentary "Satiesfictions" by Anne-Kathrin Peitz and Youlian Tabakov illuminates the phenomenon that is Satie: His countless ads evolve into real commercials and his drawings into cartoons. Interwoven with accounts by Satie associates and music experts, the film offers a unique insight into Satie's cosmos of word and sound, featuring divas, dogs, and children, pianists playing on pianos stacked atop each other or performers turning into "musical furniture".

Available on DVD (ACC20312).


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